CT of audaCiTy to be...::audaCiTy to be… is the essence of one’s unveiled soul. It’s a mindset. To be bold, creative, different, faithful, great, hopeful, and just the God-given you, is to have the audaCiTy to be!

This site serves as a platform where inspiration thrives, motivation is prevalent, community is encouraged and it is all put together with love. It is the goal of audaCiTy to be to enrich your soul, by encouraging you to think unconventionally, challenge yourself, and go for what you want in life. Personal development, life, health, and creativity through various mediums are just some of the subject matters you will find here.  As the Creative Executive Officer of audaCiTy to be, I am becoming more aware of the evolution of me and would like to share and invite you along this journey.

                    • If you are looking for guidance within your personal and professional development,
                    • A community where like-minded individuals encourage and support one another,
                    • How-to guides and training to assist in your discovery of your purpose,
                    • Inspiration that enriches your soul

Take your shoes off, here’s a cup of tea and let’s talk. Because NOW is the time to:

Cup of Tea

Take steps toward achieving your life goals,

Develop confidence in who you are and what you want to be

Love for love’s sake and serve the world through your purpose

Have the audaCiTy to be!



Who Am I?

Welcome! I’m Crystal Turner (CT)

I am from Richmond, VA and currently reside in the Washington, DC metropolitan area. As a young adult in my twenties I’m ready to create the life I want, while shaping a legacy that will inspire. I love to read, craft, sing, dance, and reinvent myself every couple of moons. I live for highway concerts (me singing and dancing with all my heart while driving, with the world as my audience) and I wish to someday have my own vegetable garden; though dealing with bugs is another story. Artsy. Dreamer. Listener. Human being, having the audaCiTy to be.

Thank you for visiting!

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