Change Management-How to Embrace Ambiguity

Currently I am learning all about Organization Development and Knowledge Management.

It entails how to implement positive productive change within organizations. There are numerous variables to consider when discussing change within an organization such as the varying personalities of its employees, organization structure, reward systems, physical environment and more. However, the more I learn of this field of study the more I see its applicability not only to organizations but to individuals.

Much of the subject could be transferred to the study of Personal Development and Knowledge Management.

At the core of ODKM is the individual and their self-awareness. In order to understand how to implement change within organizations, one should first understand how to implement change within themselves. It requires the ability to be introspective and mindful of what is occurring, thus giving yourself options with how to engage in any situation.

One of the underlying themes within my study is to embrace ambiguity. Within a participative group study I learned that people are naturally uncomfortable with ambiguity. The less control, structure, definition, understanding we have of a situation (ambiguity) the more anxious, stressed, uncomfortable, defeated, threatened we may feel and will react accordingly.

Just think of a time when you faced ambiguity; perhaps you were unsure of how a bill would get paid, unsure of the status of a relationship, or unaware of what’s next for you. Whatever that ambiguous space for you was, how did it make you feel?

If you felt anxious, stressed, or uncomfortable, you are not alone. However, when faced with ambiguity there are ways we can embrace it:

  • approach the situation mindfully, purposefully observing its components to gain understanding,
  • consider not only the information you can see but also that which you cannot see, and
  • act in a manner that is serving to the situation and your best self.
Give me ambiguity or give me something else.

Photo courtesy of Brett Jordan

This encompasses how we should approach life. We should embrace the ambiguity in life. We will not always know the who, what, when, where, and why. However, we can be a part of the how by:

  • accepting the present moment and being mindful of the experience,
  • being active in gaining understanding and intentional about our pursuits,
  • acknowledging the resources we have as the blessings that they are. Even more abundant are those we can not yet see but they too need our attention, and
  • having a mindset to serve.

This is what leads to a life and world of abundance and joy; changing your perception of ambiguity. Do you have the audaCiTy to embrace the ambiguity?

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