Are You Destined for Greater?

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I often sit and think about what is the meaning of life.

Who determines what it means? Who determines what my life means?

What is the significance of the occurrences and experiences I am having? When do I get to grasp the meaning of life?

Where will the meaning for me take me? Why am I here in this existence?

Often time what sparks this spiral of thoughts is an internal feeling or knowing that I haven’t yet arrived to where I need to be and consistently feeling like I’m rightfully in the wrong place in some areas of my life. It’s a consistent feeling of misalignment and feeling unfulfilled.

I sometimes catch myself saying “This can’t be life.” Meaning this humdrum routine of sitting in the same rush hour traffic daily, going to work, coming home to eat dinner, and having just enough time to prep my clothes for the next day before going to bed and preparing to do it all over again the next day, cannot be and should not be the focus of my limited years here on earth.

I just know I’m destined for greater. Have you ever felt this way?

Whenever I find myself in this space of inquiry and feeling a little defeated by life, I then experience a jolt of energy, kind of like an internal flame to search and pursue my purpose more. I may not know exactly what I should be doing or what my purpose is but I am realizing what it is not; and that alone is motivation to do something different. So I will start where I am, with what I have, considering my gifts and talents and get moving toward my vision and dreams.

You may find yourself stuck in these series of life questions as well. It’s good if you do because you at least are aware that there is more or something different destined for you that you have not yet embarked on.

This is the starting point.

You can think about your interests, things you naturally gravitate to, people who inspire you, and ways in which you like to help people as steps to uncover your purpose.

Find time to research and explore those areas. The more energy you give to them the more they will grow and offer clarity for you along your journey.

I have found it useful to answer the questions below:

What are your (personal/hobbies/career-related) interests?

What things do you naturally gravitate to? (Examples: organizing, note-taking, art, etc.)

Who inspires you?

In what ways do you like to help people?

Writing down your responses will help you to see how they connect or differ. There may be a theme that becomes evident to you. You can refer back to this list as you evolve.

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