Do-It-Yourself (DIY), Why Not?

I love new beginnings. Starting new, starting fresh helps me to have a healthy perspective of opportunities and the potential of things. It’s like being given a blank sheet of paper and I can make of it whatever I choose.

Recently, I moved to a nice condo in Northern VA and was excited about the opportunity to decorate it the way that I wish. Intuitively, my mind began to envision what colors, furniture, pictures, mood, design, and more I could see throughout my new dwelling. This opportunity to express my creativity excites me!

So, in planning how I would decorate my space I considered the following factors:

  • I already have some furniture and décor items that I own and will use
  • I have some furniture and décor items that will be given to me
  • I do not intend to spend much to furnish and decorate the space, given the previous factors and that I am being financially conscious.
  • I want to do some do-it-yourself (DIY) projects.

With those factors in mind I began to decorate. In this post, I highlight the ottoman I made from using a wooden shoe rack.


My mom had a shoe rack that she no longer needed and asked if I could use it. I didn’t think I really needed a shoe rack for my shoes but I figured I could find a use for it so accepted it. Fast forward a few months and having spent a day here and there sitting or lying on my living room couch, watching Netflix and feeling void of having something to rest my feet on; I remembered I had this shoe rack that was waiting to be used.

[Idea!] I can make an ottoman out of the shoe rack Mom gave me. Oh and I think I can even put wheels on it with those I have in my art stash! Yes that’s what I’ll do.

Tools Used:

Preparing the Pieces of the Ottoman:

  1. The first thing I did was drill 4 holes in the bottom of the rack for where the wheels will be placed.
  2. Then I cut pieces of cardboard for the top, front, back, and sides of the rack.
  3. Next I cut some foam cushion I had on hand to the same size of the shoe rack.
  4. I then cut the fabric to size leaving a 2-inch allowance on all edges.
  5. I placed the fabric on the ottoman to determine how I wanted the fit to be and also how I was going to sew it to fit.

Making the Ottoman:

  1. Once I determined how best to sew the fabric I put the needle and thread to the fabric and my foot to the pedal.
  2. Before putting the sewn fabric on, I turned it upside down so that the opening was accessible; then placed the cushion and cardboard inside.
  3. I stitched two pretty buttons through the cardboard, cushion, and fabric.
  4. I placed the finished items on the shoe rack. Made adjustments until the fit was aligned.
  5. Lastly, I place some hot glue on the wheel pegs and placed them in the pre-drilled holes.

Finished Creation

And wala…a rolling ottoman.


audaCiTy to be a Do-It-Yourselfer: Do you repurpose things around your home like I do? What are your reasons for doing so or not doing so? If you do, what cool things have you made? Let’s chat about it below.

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