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Two years ago, I started a blog as a cathartic way to capture my thoughts and life happenings. As of today the blog no longer lives on the inter-webs, at least not per my permission anyway but I managed to save my first post that explained a shift that I was experiencing at the time. Herein it reads:

And It Came to Me, Like an Epiphany – 5/4/2012


It is that moment, when there is a sudden change in perception, when what once was believed to be reality, is not actually real. Somewhat like going a level higher intuitively in life. This my friends, is your personal revelation; your epiphany. An epiphany can hold much clout, because it is much more than just a lesson learned or a gained understanding of something. No, an epiphany is a change that occurs in your soul and propels you to action.

I have had an epiphany that recently came about, and is still unfolding. After a recent strand of events that have occurred in my life: fell in love, failing health, frustration with the American dream, and a broken heart, I was left wondering why these things occurred, how did they occur, and what was the purpose of it all. Despite all of my effort to “play by the rules”, I still ended up feeling defeated. In the midst of it all however, my reality was being challenged, and I was learning a lot along the way.

As the days progressed, my knowledge and perception about life began to expand. I’ll give more details as to how in a future post. Then, like a flower that buds quietly in the onset of Spring, which boldly blossoms one day with a vibrant hue of orange, I realized that this life is but a massive realization of thoughts. Often a collective system of thoughts (society), but thoughts indeed. Meaning, we can create the life we desire if we imagine it, and think it can be. No, like, really. You may have heard that before as you traveled down the self-help aisle of your local bookstore, but I am really beginning to realize that for myself.

And that was my recent Epiphany. I do not have to accept the world or life as it was so strategically organized and given to me as a packaged deal. I can take this gift, melt it back down to clay and make my own creation of it; and that’s exactly what I intend to do. Hmmph, I have the audacity to realize my Epiphany. Will you join me and do the same?

Now two years later much of that original post still rings true to me. I feel as though I’ve fallen further down the rabbit hole of creating life as I desire it to be. Though the pursuit isn’t an easy one, I can at least notice the progress that I’m making. Future posts will capture more of this evolution. I still have the audaCiTy to realize my Epiphany and I invite you along to realize yours.

Join me and let’s have the audaCiTy to be…


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