Rome was not Built in a Day

Photo courtesy of Storm Crypt
                          Photo courtesy of Storm Crypt

Typically, it’s the things you worked your hardest for and gave most of your time to that mean the most to you.

Often in today’s society we want and expect instant gratification. Well with our microwaves and pre-cooked meals, text messages and emails, direct deposits, and many examples of fast-track superstars it would seem insane for one to have to wait 30 minutes for their Thai food delivery…no seriously, its been about 25 minutes since I placed my order and dude ain’t here yet. Ugh! (Clears throat) I digress.

So yeah, with the demand for instant gratification and more and more of it, we easily devalue the importance of a process or a journey.

Yet, in a process or journey lies a life lesson, purpose, or the success sought after. As success isn’t the obtained goal, necessarily, but that which happened between start and finish to achieve it.

Lay your first brick. Embrace the process. Live in the journey. Eventually, you will have an empire, maybe not Rome but one of your own.

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